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Personal History

Katharine Graham

“The fascinating thing—and the thing to remember, is that if you have enough going for you in the way of momentum and luck, everyone looks at the developing pattern on the rug whether it’s an Oriental design or the stain from the egg, and says, ‘What a beautiful rug.’ And pretty soon where telling ourselves, ‘It’s a hell of a rug we’ve made’—and even funnier, it is. But let’s always remember the stains, the unfinished work, with the total effect and the fun—my god, the fun.”

—Katharine Graham, Personal History

the place where we once had a picnic
is now underwater

that one thick branch
of the shade tree
is now hovering
over the rippling surface

its trunk submerged—
holding its breath
for us

Last updated: August 8, 2023