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My first week as CEO of &yet

July 04, 2019

Last week was my first week as CEO of &yet. (Adam wrote a post about it, if you havent heard yet.)

It was a pretty natural transition, but still I have so many feelings about it—excited about new possibility, nervous about the responsibility, grateful for our supportive team, determined to see us get some short- and long-term wins, curious about all I’ve got to learn. I could write a book about all the feelings.

Instead, I’m going to start writing letters. To our team, to you, to people who subscribe to my personal newsletter. I want to talk openly about some of the challenges we face in being a remote, internet-based, people-first company, because I bet they’re challenges a lot of us have in common. (In fact, I know they are; I’ve talked to a dozen tech company leaders in the past month as research for Gather the People. None of us are alone, no matter what hard thing we’re working through.)

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I’m a student and teacher of people-first growth. Having spent the major part of the last two decades building weird businesses that tried to be good for humans, I'm now working privately on a few experimental projects and cultivating this little digital space of mine.

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